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The 3 treasures of fertility – mind

Previously we talked about Jing, our essence of life, and why our bodies should be in the best possible condition for conception. To achieve that, we can practise exercises to enhance three core areas of human function: body, mind and breath.

Let’s talk about our minds.

The 3 treasure of fertility – body

It goes without saying that physical exercise and a balanced diet are part of the recommended lifestyle changes for anyone struggling to conceive naturally. However, a very common misconception is that the more we exercise, the healthier our bodies become. Just as we need to balance our diet, we also need to balance our physical training. While we know that too little exercise is unhealthy, excessive or inappropriate exercise can also be a factor that negatively affects fertility.

Preparing for fertility: What is a “healthy body”?

Take a minute to ask yourself this question: What is a healthy body to you?

Some people’s answer might be simply without any physical illness, or to have a body like the cover girl or Instagram influencer. Some might just like to be stress and depression free.
From a fertility point of view, we look at a more complex definition involving our physical, mental and emotional well-being.