What is the Daoist acupuncture apprenticeship?

Traditionally, acupuncture training in the East was not always undertaken at big institutions. Knowledge would be held inside a lineage with the skills and abilities transmitted to individuals and small groups in a particularly personal way.

Although many of us have undergone training where much of the basics have been covered, our feedback from those who have qualified is that the training has seemed incomplete somehow and that many feel unprepared to deal with the clinical realities of a medical practice. We believe that the current styles of acupuncture, although very useful don’t actually offer all of the answers and that there are other systems from both Tung Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine which enables us to have all that we need to have the most complete system of acupuncture. 

What we’re offering, for the first time, is a unique postgraduate training. This involves the transmission of knowledge and skills through a traditional apprenticeship model. Once skills have been honed to a sufficiently high level you will have the opportunity to refine them at our dedicated apprenticeship clinic.

It is our experience that deep self-enquiry is missing from most providers of acupuncture training. Self-cultivation and self-development are the cornerstones of this training. We believe that ongoing internal work enables us to serve people in the deepest possible way which often translates into profound shifts in healing for our patients in the clinic.  

"In the past people practiced the tao, the way of life. They understood the principle of balance, of yin and yang, as represented by the transformation of the energies of the universe"

Huangdi neijing

How will the course be taught?

The course will be delivered through a mixture of face to face lectures (with a live feed for those unable to physically attend). There will be regular live zoom lectures every 2 weeks and online resources. However, some aspects can only be taught in person such as practical and clinical skills and of course shadowing the lead practitioners to get their clinical transmission and experience. 

We will also be holding workshops on how to run a successful acupuncture clinic and dipping into the classics of Chinese Medicine such as the Nei-Jing, and Su-Wen to inform our clinical practice. 

The course will be delivered by highly experienced practitioners who run very successful clinics in their own right. 

Our overall approach also gives you a complete system to nourish yourself and the lives of others. Yang Sheng is the foundation of Chinese medicine. 

We firmly believe that the process that students will go through will be an alchemical and shamanic one, creating deep and lasting change in both practitioner and the patients that they will then go on to treat.


practical hands on training in classical medicine, master tung, nutrition, daoist arts, practitioner cultivation and clinical training.

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